Criminal Con-Artist & Sexual Predator In The Phx-L.A. Film Industry & Online Community: Cyrus Lassus (Aliases: Josep Pep Lassus IV & Pep Lassus III)


This is a precautionary measure to inform the Phoenix & L.A. Film-Entertainment Industry as well as the Facebook and Online Community of a fraudulent, dangerous con artist & sexual predator who falsely sells himself as a SAG Producer.

This criminal sells himself as a SAG Producer who owns Tycoon Films & Lamp In The Sky Films in order to scam investors and producers for money & con fame seeking individuals for personal sexual exploits in his ‘soft’ pornographic projects.

This individual’s name is Cyrus Josep Lassus,
(aliases: Josep Pep Lassus IV and Pep Lassus III).

He approaches aspiring actors, actresses & anyone seeking fame, claiming to be a SAG Feature Film Producer.
This con is his main approach which he uses to trick men and women into sexually deviant situations & sexual exploitation which eventually translate to violent acts.
He presents them with Pornographic ‘scripts’ which he has ‘sold’ to Hollywood agencies & production houses.

He encourages talent by selling the idea of ‘Cinemax Style’ ‘soft’ pornography.
He tells them that the film is ‘Sexually Provocative’, ‘Nudity is Encouraged’, includes ‘Simulated Sex’.

He is associated with several frauds, financial scams, sexual assault & assault/battery against women & men as well as resisting arrest and violence toward police.

He is not a U.S. Citizen and may be in the country illegally.

He claims to be raising funds for his ‘Projects In Production’ and can offer a 15% return on investment and a ‘SAG Role’ with ‘SAG Producer Credit’.

Arrest Date: February 28, 2013: violations and verdicts for which Cyrus Lassus is incarcerated:

Assault-Battery 13-203 A1/01 GUILTY
Assault/Battery Intentional: 13-203 A1/1 GUILTY
Assault-Battery Intentional: 13-203 A1/5 GUILTY

Interfering With Judicial Proceedings: 13/02810: GUILTY

He is presently serving jail time in Maricopa County but when he gets out he plans to begin operating as a “SAG Producer”.
He will use this title to sexually lure in willing, unassuming models, actors and actresses as well as financially lure in potential investors; then forming alliances with influential individuals who are seduced by his charm and false kindness.
He scams industry professionals, making them believe they are investing in feature films, but the money is never again seen, invested or repaid.
He misleads on and off camera aspiring talent to his advantage presenting them with “SAG” film scripts and ‘deferred pay’ tactics to feed his personal sexual addiction and egomaniacal fantasies.

He is a dangerous, violent sociopath, scam artist and sexual predator.

He has been CONVICTED and JAILED at the following:

Dec. 2010 – Feb. 2011: L.A. COUNTY JAIL:


February 2013- Present: MARICOPA COUNTY JAIL

Use this information to heed caution to anyone who may come into contact with this dangerous, sociopathic criminal before he robs, connives, sexually or violently assaults another innocent victim.

This Criminal Was Released From Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Custody On AUGUST 15, 2013 And Is On 2 Years of Supervised Adult Probation.

Current or New Crime Tips can be reported Anonymously to:

Phoenix Crime Stop: 602-262-6151

Maricopa County Adult Probation: 602-506-7249

Below are current public arrest records.

Cyrus Lassus Public Mugshots & Arrest Details:

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